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Supporting Your Driveway with Cantsink Helical Piles

A smooth, flawless driveway is essential to the appearance of your home, not to mention the long-term maintenance of your cars.   Without proper support below the heavy concrete of the driveway surface, that unblemished consistency of your driveway surface can quickly crack, buckle and crumble. The weight of concrete on surface soil can cause it […]

What to Expect from a Foundation Inspection

From the first call or click at the Cantsink Atlanta website, our friendly experts will answer your questions about your home’s foundation and schedule a site visit for a thorough analysis of your foundation stability.   Homeowners who detect cracks in foundation cement, water seeping into basement areas or sagging floors and uneven door frames need […]

What Kind of Foundation Repair You’ll Need

Foundation repair work is as individual as homes are, depending on many factors such as soil conditions, foundation materials and weight load distribution.   Signs of foundation settling should be taken seriously. Foundation instability should be corrected as quickly as possible once detected. If a home’s foundation contains vertical cracks – especially those wider than ¼ […]

Cantsink Helical Piles Keep Decks Safe for Summer Fun

Summer evenings are perfect for deck living. Family cookouts, neighborhood potlucks and weekend entertainment make deck life a summer tradition.   Homeowners should make sure their decks are secure, lest the weight of large numbers threaten the stability of this popular summer hangout. Decks that lean visibly or show other signs of distress such as misaligned […]

How to Tell When Your Concrete Foundation Needs Repair

When concrete foundations develop large cracks and other signs of misalignment appear in floors, drywall, windows and doors, homeowners should seek remedies to prevent further deterioration.   Foundation cracks wide enough to allow water to seep through are a clear sign of pending distress. Water intrusion not only erodes existing cracks, but can make unseen weaknesses […]

What are Retaining Wall Blocks?

Retaining walls serve a dual purpose in landscape design, one decorative and the other functional.   Although retaining walls can be built from concrete or timber, most are constructed with building blocks made to mirror or complement the character of the home and surrounding property accents. While block retaining walls provide attractive visual enhancement for landscape […]


My House is Settling

At first the signs may have seemed innocuous: floors that felt oddly uneven, tiny cracks in foundation cement and interior drywall, or doors that stick and are racked unevenly in the frame.   Then, the cracks got bigger and more cracks appeared, or windows wouldn’t open all the way. Finally, you noticed water seeping under the […]

What is Underpinning?

 Homes that exhibit signs of sinking or shifting foundations need underpinning to stop the structural distress that results from the changing structural support altering weight loads in the foundation.   Underpinning lifts the foundation back to its original alignment, restoring weight distributions in the walls and beams to their fundamental function.   Any number of conditions can […]

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation?

Pier and beam foundations are used by homebuilders to secure homes built on backfilled lots, weak soils and on lots near water sources such as lakes or streams.   These foundations prevent weak ground from sinking or eroding from under the house, causing unsightly, impractical or even dangerous effects as its joints and materials pull and […]