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Cantsink Holds Foundations Steady Through Spring Rains, Cost-Effective Protection from Unexpected Sinking

  April showers bring May flowers, but coming on the heels of the wettest winter on record they may also produce unexpected foundation issues. Changing weather patterns and extreme weather events are creating new issues for builders and homeowners. But stormy weather is no cause for concern with Cantsink’s patented helical piers beneath your foundation. […]


Soggy Summer Storms Trigger Foundation Instability

Metro Atlanta experienced its rainiest July in five years, according to records from the National Weather Service. The 2018 hurricane season is now officially under way, sure to bring more soaking storms. Such soggy weather often creates unanticipated instability under a home’s foundation. When ground is saturated, it becomes more mobile, shifting unpredictably below poured […]


Foundation Problems Need a Foundation Specialist

   Nobody calls a plumber for an electrical problem or a carpenter for a leaking pipe. Homeowners with cracked foundations need Cantsink, the foundation specialist for 30 years, to restore their house to permanent stability.    Now celebrating three decades’ experience in creating structural stability from the ground up, Cantsink experts can offer a solution […]

Repair Cracked Foundations with Cantsink Helical Piles Before Wet Weather Makes Them Worse

If the ravages of the cold winter have created cracks in your home’s foundation, or made existing cracks more pronounced, now is the time to call Cantsink.   Heavy spring rains can push moisture into foundation cracks that will undermine a home’s structural integrity. Cantsink’s patented helical piles are designed to stabilize sinking foundations and preserve […]


Chimney Stabilization

Chimney Support by Canstink Provides Fireside Security in Winter Weather Metro Atlanta families love to gather around a cozy fire in the living room or den during the cold winter months. But those happy memories can be marred by an unstable chimney. A chimney that leans, cracks or separates from the house poses a danger […]