The great thing about Cantsink helical foundation supports is that, once installed, they are virtually undetectable.

   Homeowners, however, may wonder if their homes have the permanent, ICC-certified protection of Cantsink’s engineered steel support under their foundations. Time will tell, of course, if these homes remain level and show none of the signs of foundation settling, such as cracks in the concrete or uneven floors.

  If the house is fairly new, or has been renovated in recent years, Cantsink will have records on where its foundation supports have been installed. The company’s friendly staff is happy to check and let a homeowner know if their address is in records on file.

  Cantsink, however, has been in business since 1988 and cannot keep every record the company has ever generated indefinitely. The good news is that wherever Cantsink’s patented helical piers are in place, even as far back as the 1990s, those homes will still maintain their structural integrity.Underpinning Detailed work

  Precisely engineered and easily installed, Cantsink helical piers are the cost-effective method for permanent peace of mind. This durable support under a home’s foundation resists weather and geographic conditions such as rain-saturated ground, freezing winter temperatures and shifting soil conditions. All of these can wreck a home’s structural alignment and integrity.

  Certainly, any homeowner who notices the telltale signs of a sinking foundation should contact Cantsink for a free assessment to determine if additional support is needed. Doors that are hard to open and close, windows that won’t open all the way, floors that sag or tilt, and diagonal hairline cracks along interior drywall all indicate problems in the foundation.

  Eventually, more serious signs may develop, such as fissures in the foundation wall. These signs should not be ignored and may be dangerous if not remedied.

   Outdoor structures also suffer from settling soil in the ground underneath them. Allowing these problems to continue unresolved can lead to dangerous conditions or unsightly surroundings that affect a home’s market value.

  Decks, in particular, are vulnerable to changing soil conditions. Unsupported wooden decks may shift and tilt, causing boards to bulge, nails to pop up, and joints to separate. Left unaddressed over time, a settling deck may collapse under heavy weight such as an outdoor party or family cookout.

  Cantsink’s expert staff can assess damage and consult with our engineers to devise a customized, economical solution that will last through the life of the home. Once the Cantsink supports have been installed, no one except the homeowner knows they are there because their sturdy, reliable protection is deep underground.

     With products engineered to specific soil and climate conditions, Cantsink maintains property value with easy, cost-effective repairs. A single call to Cantsink is all that’s needed to schedule a free home inspection.