If you are heading into the summer with unresolved foundation issues here are a few things to keep in mind as the seasons change.

During the Spring and Summer months there is an increase in moisture in the air. The increase in humidity, temperate climates of Atlanta and occasional rain can often lead to soil absorbing and holding more moisture than during other parts of the year. Soil will often swell slightly as a result of the increased moisture. This can cause additional shifts in an already unstable or compromised foundation.

As the temperatures increase going into the summer months the moisture can be somewhat offset by the higher temperatures. During the summer soil may shrink in comparison to Spring. A qualified and experienced contractor such as Cantsink has the expertise to take all of these different variables into account and determine the best approach to solving your foundation problems.

Fall in Georgia is a beautiful time of year with leaves changing their color and the crisp fall air signaling the changing seasons. September and October are generally the driest months of the year. Dry soil is typically the most stable relative to other soil conditions. While foundation issues may be less likely to appear during this time the dryness and timing relative to major winter holidays can make this an ideal time to make repairs that may have been discovered.

Winter in Georgia is also relatively dry. Georgia has seen the occasional snow from time to time but overall the cooler temps and dryer air make for compact and stable soil. However many home owners choose to avoid major repairs because they simply want to avoid having major construction overlap with the holiday season.

There really is no ideal time to discover or repair a foundation problem. Foundation issues can represent a significant risk to homeowners where safety and home value are concerned. While there is no “perfect time” for foundation repairs there are important considerations that must be made when assessing and remediating foundation problems. The best time to address a foundation issue is right now. Using a certified and knowledgeable company like Cantsink is the best thing you can do to ensure that your foundation issues are diagnosed correctly and the proper solutions are recommended and implemented. Call Cantsink today to arrange your free estimate.