Metro Atlanta experienced its rainiest July in five years, according to records from the National Weather Service. The 2022 hurricane season is now officially under way, sure to bring more soaking storms. Such soggy weather often creates unanticipated foundation instability under a home’s foundation.

When ground is saturated, it becomes more mobile, shifting unpredictably below poured structural foundations. Runoff from water that cannot be absorbed by saturated soil can make this problem worse by eroding soil from the foundation’s exterior walls as well.

New construction in the area around a home also shifts historic water patterns, creating pooling and runoff that didn’t occur when the home was originally built

Without deep underground support in soil substrata that is more stable than the saturated topsoil, foundation shifting and sinking causes foundation cracks and structural disruption to the house.

In the wake of wet weather, homeowners would be wise to check for vertical cracks in their foundation walls and signs of water leaking into their basement or crawl space.

Other warning signs of instability include doors or windows that stick in the frames, sagging floors or vertical cracks in drywall. All can indicate foundation shifts that can produce costly damage if left unaddressed.

Cantsink is the foundation expert, offering its cost-effective, patented helical piers that halt sinking from wet weather, heaving caused by winter freezing and thawing, and foundation shifting in soft soil. Repair with cost-effective Cantsink helical piers restores guaranteed stability for the life of the house.

With minimal disruption to surrounding landscape, Cantsink helical piers work by boring like a corkscrew deep below the home’s foundation into immobile substrata. A Cantsink expert can evaluate the unique structural needs of any home and recommend a cost-effective solution. Cantsink products are designed for nearly any climate or soil type.

In most cases, installation can be completed in a day. Once installed, Cantsink helical piers are virtually undetectable even as they protect the home’s appearance and long-term value. They also work for other aspects of the home environment, including porches, steps, chimneys, decks, pools and retaining walls.

Cantsink’s patented helical piers are manufactured in the company’s Metro Atlanta net-zero energy facility using 100% U.S. steel. Now celebrating its 34th year in business, Cantsink has earned the trust of local home builders and homeowners for foundation stability and repair.

Homeowners who detect signs of foundation instability should act quickly to avoid more costly damage. Contact Cantsink today to consult with our expert customer service team.