Now is the time to inspect pool walls, liners and surroundings for signs of instability. Winter freezing and Spring rains can cause soils around and under the heavy concrete of pool architecture to sink or shift. This can disrupt the alignment of the pool in ways that compromise its usefulness.
While the pool is empty – and before adding the weight of water – check the pool for cracks in the lining, sunken edges and buckling or cracking in the pool patio surface.
Cracks in the lining cause leaking and can allow contaminants to enter the water from below the surface. Broken or buckled pool patios are unsightly and present a stumbling hazard.
What to look for:

Cracks in the walls or lining of the pool.
Signs of separation between the pool and patio.
Uneven pool walls with one side or one end higher than the other.
Cracks or buckling in the pool patio.

Call or click online to schedule an assessment from a Cantsink expert. If instability or misalignment is detected, Cantsink can design a permanent, cost-effective solution. In most cases, Cantsink’s patented helical piers can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to surrounding landscape.
Now, celebrating its 30th year in the structural stabilization business, Cantsink is the call to make for lasting peace of mind. With Cantsink helical piers, the pool will be ready for summer fun from now on.