Retaining wall blocks and retaining walls serve a dual purpose in landscape design, one decorative and the other functional.

  Although retaining walls can be built from concrete or timber, most are constructed with building blocks made to mirror or complement the character of the home and surrounding property accents. While block retaining walls provide attractive visual enhancement for landscape features, they also are important to preventing erosion and holding soil in place for plants. Especially on lots with steep slopes and areas around rivers, streams and lakes, retaining walls help create stable display areas for shrubs and flowers, protect water quality and provide staging for attractive landscape elements.

  Like any other structures, however, retaining walls can be susceptible to shifting soils and water infiltration. This undermines the stability of the wall and can ultimately cause the blocks to crack, separate, or become dislodged.

  That’s why firm foundation support is important to creating retaining walls that stay level and intact year after year. Soil pressure behind the retaining wall exerts pressure on the blocks and the wall must be properly designed to withstand this weight pressing against it. Cantsink’s expert staff can assess and design proper supports for retaining walls, accounting for soil type, building materials, pressure exerted and other key factors.

  Experienced engineers at Cantsink know exactly what will make the wall secure and durable using patented helical piles that install underneath retaining wall blocks for invisible reinforcement.

  Cantink’s helical piles also can restore crumbling walls to strength and alignment. Installation can be done with minimal disturbance to landscaping. Once in place, homeowners can be assured of strength and beauty that will protect their property values for many years in the future.

   All the rain generated in the recent El Niño weather pattern may have undermined some retaining walls with downpours they were not designed to withstand. Once breached, a cracked wall will not revert to its former strength without intervention and added support because water will continue to seep through cracks and pressure points will widen them.

  Cantsink’s friendly experts will come to the site with one call. They have the necessary expertise to assess the damage and begin the cost-effective process to restoring a block retaining wall to lasting stability.

  Other landscape features can suffer from sinking or shifting soil, as well as erosion from excessive rainfall. Decks, porches, pools, patios and gazebos all carry special weight pressures and rely on proper alignment to maintain their appeal and serve their purpose.

  Cantsink’s patented helical piles can support or restore any of these property features to lasting function and aesthetic appeal.  Experienced staff engineers have worked with all types of soil, weather conditions, structural requirements and special circumstances. And Cantsink solutions are very affordable.

  Call today or click here to set an appointment with Cantsink professionals to assess the signs of stress on your block retaining walls or other property structures. They can recommend a cost-effective, customized repair that will keep your features secure, properly aligned and attractive for the years ahead.