Cantsink Saves Foundations From Sinking and Hold Steady Through Hurricanes Ian and Nicole

Cantsink helical piles are an effective, sturdy way to protect foundations from sinking during extreme weather and hurricanes. When installed properly, they provide a steady foundation that can withstand the increased moisture and weight of the rain-soaked ground. 

Here’s a closer look at how Cantsink helical piles work and why they’re such an important part of protecting your foundation:

How Cantsink Helical Piles Work 

Cantsink helical piles are long, metal rods that are screwed into the ground. They’re installed at a depth that’s determined by the soil conditions and the expected load on the foundation. The number of needed depends on the size and weight of the structure being supported, which can be easily established by one of our foundation specialists during a free evaluation.

Once in place, they’re connected to brackets that are attached to the foundation. These brackets distribute the load evenly across the piles and help to keep the foundation level. As the ground around the foundation settles, the helical piles rotate slightly, which allows them to bear more weight without sinking further into the ground. 

Cantsink Holds Foundations Steady Through Hurricanes and Unexpected Sinking

Why Cantsink Helical Piles Are The Best Option For Foundation Settlement

One of the biggest benefits of Cantsink patented products that they’re much more sturdy traditional concrete foundations. In fact two neighbors with houses off the coast near Daytona Beach, FL have house that recently survived both Hurricane Ian and Nicole. Every other house was caved in but the house with Cantsink Helical Piles stood tall holding up a pool on one house and a porch on the other! The pictures tell the story correcting as you can see the naked piles once drilled deep in the earth now remain but a skeleton, however strong as Cantsink engineered them to be.

If you’re looking for a certified way to protect your foundation from sinking during spring rains, Cantsink helical piles are an excellent option. They’re easy to install and can be reused if needed. Contact a Cantsink representative today to learn more about how our products can help you keep your foundation safe and sound.

Summer evenings are perfect for deck living. Family cookouts, neighborhood potlucks and weekend entertainment make deck life a summer tradition. Ensuring this tradition continues with out a hitch, its imperative to keep decks safe for summer fun.

  Homeowners should make sure their decks are secure, lest the weight of large numbers threaten the stability of this
popular summer hangout. Decks that lean visibly or show other signs of distress such as misaligned stairs and frames call for secure, underground support to return them to proper alignment promptly and keep decks safe.

  Poor soil under the deck may be the cause. Heavy rains that saturate the ground can also undermine decks.

  Whatever the cause or underlying conditions, Cantsink offers the most lasting and cost-effective way to restore a deck to sturdy support. With one click or call, Cantsink will schedule a visit from its expert staff to examine the alignment of your deck and conditions under it to determine if more support is needed. If so, they work with our staff engineers to design a custom remedy to keep your deck on the level.

  Our patented helical piers are the perfect remedy for sagging, sinking decks. With minimal disruption, Cantsink can install lasting support under your deck guaranteed to provide years of safe, happy summer entertainment for your family and friends.

  Cantsink’s ICC-certified, patented, steel helical piers are manufactured supports installed below the ground surface to provide lasting underground reinforcement for deck frames and keep decks safe.

  Our steel piers are specially fabricated with a unique helix plate at the lower end of the 2 7/8” steel shaft that is easy to install and virtually undetectable once placed. Cantsink’s special design not only makes our helical piers 50 percent stronger than any other steel piers on the market, it also makes our process more environmentally responsible.

  We fabricate our products from high-quality, U.S.-made steel in our net-zero energy manufacturing facility in Metro Atlanta. Cantsink helical piers have been verified through the stringent, independent testing process of the International Code Council, which develops safe, reliable building standards for construction in communities worldwide.

  Our products are custom-engineered and adaptable to a wide range of weather and soil conditions.

  Are you thinking of adding a deck to your home? Start right by building it on Cantsink helical piers. Then, enjoy your new amenity with peace of mind, knowing it has the strength to withstand years of constant use and changing weather conditions.

  The stability of Cantsink helical piers also protects your home’s value by keeping structures such as decks safe, aligned and attractive.

 Homes that exhibit signs of sinking or shifting foundations need underpinning to stop the structural distress that results from the changing structural support altering weight loads in the foundation.

  Underpinning lifts the foundation back to its original alignment, restoring weight distributions in the walls and beams to their fundamental function.

  Any number of conditions can cause foundation sinking, including unsuitable soil, water damage from excessive rain or subsurface moisture that often occurs in areas near bodies of water such as lakes or streams. The signs are easy to identify including fissures in the foundation wall, cracked or crumbling cement, sagging or uneven floors and porch steps that tilt or split apart. Diagonal cracks in drywall and windows or doors that become misaligned in their frames also indicate a sinking foundation.

  2016’s El Niño rains may cause or accelerate foundation settling and undermine a previously unaffected foundation. Sudden downpours create unanticipated runoff that can saturate soil and cause it to shift in unexpected ways. Water patterns that builders may not have foreseen during construction could wash away protective layers of soil around or under the house allowing intrusion that causes the foundation to sink.

  Underpinning with Cantsink’s patented helical piles provides an easy, economical solution that is permanent, virtually undetectable and easy to install. Cantsink piers bore easily into the ground with standard construction equipment to depths where soil is firmly compact and water intrusion cannot undermine stability.

  Homeowners who see the signs of a sinking foundation can call Cantsink for a free assessment from a friendly company expert. Once the need for underpinning is established, Cantsink engineers come to the home for a more thorough examination of conditions under and around the foundation. Then, Cantsink engineers create a customized remediation plan designed especially for that site.

  They determine the extent of support needed, exactly which of Cantsink’s unique products is best suited to the need and where the piles should be inserted.  Some digging is required in the spots where the underpinning will be installed, but this process produces minimal disturbance to existing landscape and is virtually undetectable once installed.

  Not only does the underpinning restore a home to its proper alignment, it prevents any further disruption. The house will remain in alignment for decades and retain its resale value over time.

  Cantsink underpinning also works to restore and protect other property structures including porches, stoops, decks, patios, retaining walls, gazebos and swimming pools.   

  Cantsink’s customized solutions can fix these problems discreetly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Once Cantsink’s easily installed helical piers are in place well below ground and the installation crew is gone, only the homeowner will know the lasting protection is there. Cantsink guarantees its products and has been creating secure foundations with underpinning since 1988.

The signs of a sinking foundation can be subtle at first: doors that are hard to open and close, windows that won’t open all the way, or diagonal hairline cracks along interior drywall.

   Some homeowners shrug these symptoms off as weather-related or temporary. Although weather can affect foundation stability, these effects endure and permanently alter a home’s structural integrity.

  Eventually, more serious signs emerge, such as fissures in the foundation wall, cracked or crumbling cement, sagging or uneven floors and porch steps that tilt or split apart. These signs are harder to ignore and may be dangerous if they are not remedied.

   Outdoor structures also suffer from settling soil in the ground underneath them. Allowing these problems to continue unresolved can lead to dangerous conditions or unsightly surroundings that affect a home’s market value.

  Decks, in particular, are vulnerable to changing soil conditions. Unsupported wooden decks may shift and tilt, causing boards to bulge, nails to pop up, and joints to separate. Left unaddressed over time, a settling deck may collapse under heavy weight such as an outdoor party or family cookout.

  Swimming pools and pool patios are subject to foundation settling caused by freezing ground in the winter. The weight of concrete in and around the pool added to the weight of water when the pool is full brings out the worst attributes of poor or shifting soil conditions. Hairline cracks in pool cement can affect the pool’s water quality.

  If water quality in the pool seems to require more and more treatment or the water level requires frequent adjustment, the cement should be checked for cracks.

  Similarly, fluctuating soil conditions under pool patios are caused by freezing and thawing as seasons change. Over time, the patio surface may become uneven and cracked in ways that look uninviting or even disrupt the arrangement of poolside décor.

  Other landscape features such as retaining walls, patios and gazebos also can settle and shift. This affects their alignment, aesthetic appeal and value. Cracked or crumbling retaining walls can result in garden soil erosion as well. Misaligned landscape features due to a sinking foundation can diminish resale value and make outdoor living less inviting.

  Cantsink helical supports help correct these problems and protect a sinking foundation against further damage.

  Cantsink’s customized solutions offer discreet, accurate, cost-effective foundation repair that levels and stabilizes sinking structures and guarantees support that lasts a lifetime. With patented products engineered to specific soil and climate conditions, Cantsink protects property value with easy, economical repairs. With Cantsink, repairs are accomplished with minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping.

  Once Cantsink’s easily installed helical piers are in place well below ground and the installation crew is gone, only the homeowner will know the lasting protection is there. Call Cantsink at 678-280-7453 or Contact Us to schedule a free home inspection and find out what Cantsink can do to stabilize and protect a sinking foundation, decks, pools and other landscape features.

  Cantsink’s trained and experienced professionals will assess the level of damage, devise an economical solution and guarantee the result. With answers to a sinking foundation that are easy to understand, there’s no reason to wait.

A house and its surroundings are only as sound as the foundation support that each element receives. 

Signs of a settling foundation may be hard to detect at first. Cracks may appear in the foundation structure or façade. Doors and windows may stick or develop gaps in the frame. Once-level steps may buckle, separate or tilt. Eventually, floors inside the home begin to sag or drywall develops diagonal fissures requiring additional foundation support.

Cost-effective foundation support and repair

Cantsink offers discreet, accurate, cost-effective foundation repair that levels and stabilizes sinking structures and guarantees support that lasts a lifetime. With patented foundation solutions engineered to specific soil and climate conditions, Cantsink protects property value with easy, economical repairs. With Cantsink, repairs are accomplished with minimal disruption to surrounding landscaping.

Once Cantsink crews complete their installation, the evidence of their work will be virtually undetectable. Instead, a stable, level alignment throughout the home is restored.

Trusted and endorsed by building professionals who know its record for foundation repair, Cantsink uses underground supports that level and stabilize homes of every age and size with customized solutions. Cantsink foundation supports use no chemicals and add no significant weight to the home’s footprint. Easily installed helical piers are the most environmentally friendly solution to sinking, cracking foundations, and long lasting foundation support.

Engineered to resist extreme weather

New home construction that begins with Cantsink’s patented helical piles guarantees a finished product that holds its value. Cantsink’s helical brackets are engineered to resist even extreme weather conditions, such as the unusually rainy weather of the recent El Niño season or extended freezing temperatures in cold climates.

Homeowners deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their investment in their house is protected from shifting soil conditions that cause settling foundations. For many people, this investment is the largest financial commitment they will ever make. Foundation repairs should ensure that they will be able to enjoy that investment for decades and realize a significant return when they decide to sell.

Cantsink provides free estimates. Experts will visit the site, look for signs of foundation cracks and other indications of foundation settling, assess underlying soil conditions and recommend a customized foundation solution that corrects problems once and for all.

Although Cantsink solutions protect a home from soil erosion damage wet weather may impose on foundations, Cantsink does not provide waterproofing. Helical piles support the foundation from well below ground where runoff cannot undermine their stability or durability.

As summer approaches and outdoor living beckons, homeowners often discover that winter weather has disrupted surfaces and supports. Cantsink helical piers also provide lasting support for patios, decks, retaining walls and other landscape features to ensure they remain attractive and effective for years on end.

Swimming pools, especially, suffer from unstable soil conditions. The weight of cement for the pool and decking around it can be particularly vulnerable to certain soil conditions. Cracks in cement surfaces cause pools to leak and can affect water quality in the pool.

Lasting protection from damage

Cantsink foundation support repairs pool and decking cracks that appear and prevents further shifting. The easy, discreet, below-ground installation of Cantsink’s helical piles means that repairs cause minimal disruption to the landscape even as they supply lasting protection against further damage. Only the homeowner will know they are there.

Contact Cantsink for a free assessment of the foundation stability of your home or landscape features. It could be the first step to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is affordably protected for a lifetime.