Homes that exhibit signs of sinking or shifting foundations need underpinning to stop the structural distress that results from the changing structural support altering weight loads in the foundation.

  Underpinning lifts the foundation back to its original alignment, restoring weight distributions in the walls and beams to their fundamental function.

  Any number of conditions can cause foundation sinking, including unsuitable soil, water damage from excessive rain or subsurface moisture that often occurs in areas near bodies of water such as lakes or streams. The signs are easy to identify including fissures in the foundation wall, cracked or crumbling cement, sagging or uneven floors and porch steps that tilt or split apart. Diagonal cracks in drywall and windows or doors that become misaligned in their frames also indicate a sinking foundation.

  2016’s El Niño rains may cause or accelerate foundation settling and undermine a previously unaffected foundation. Sudden downpours create unanticipated runoff that can saturate soil and cause it to shift in unexpected ways. Water patterns that builders may not have foreseen during construction could wash away protective layers of soil around or under the house allowing intrusion that causes the foundation to sink.

  Underpinning with Cantsink’s patented helical piles provides an easy, economical solution that is permanent, virtually undetectable and easy to install. Cantsink piers bore easily into the ground with standard construction equipment to depths where soil is firmly compact and water intrusion cannot undermine stability.

  Homeowners who see the signs of a sinking foundation can call Cantsink for a free assessment from a friendly company expert. Once the need for underpinning is established, Cantsink engineers come to the home for a more thorough examination of conditions under and around the foundation. Then, Cantsink engineers create a customized remediation plan designed especially for that site.

  They determine the extent of support needed, exactly which of Cantsink’s unique products is best suited to the need and where the piles should be inserted.  Some digging is required in the spots where the underpinning will be installed, but this process produces minimal disturbance to existing landscape and is virtually undetectable once installed.

  Not only does the underpinning restore a home to its proper alignment, it prevents any further disruption. The house will remain in alignment for decades and retain its resale value over time.

  Cantsink underpinning also works to restore and protect other property structures including porches, stoops, decks, patios, retaining walls, gazebos and swimming pools.   

  Cantsink’s customized solutions can fix these problems discreetly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Once Cantsink’s easily installed helical piers are in place well below ground and the installation crew is gone, only the homeowner will know the lasting protection is there. Cantsink guarantees its products and has been creating secure foundations with underpinning since 1988.